Out There Japan Tour

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Paul McCartneyの"Out There Japan Tour"に行ってきました......


"Out There(そこに行くから)" ってツアー名でしたが、日本に来てハメ外して "Out There(ぶっ飛んだ)"しちゃったのかな。前のツアー名の方が良かったんじゃ? "On The Run (逃亡中)"



Thank you for such a beautiful and warm welcome to your country.

I've unfortunately had to postpone tonight's show in Tokyo.

I came down with a virus on Friday and following a visit from doctors, I've been told not to perform tonight.

I am very sorry to all my fans as I was greatly looking forward to the concert, but the situation is out of my hands.

Along with the doctors, I'm doing all I can to ensure I will be better for tomorrow night's show and the rest of my time in Japan.

We are planning to replay this show on Monday. I really hope you can make it.