Ford disengages from Japan market

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I found that a large signboard of prior Ford seller near my office has been removed today. I was not interested in their cars but I felt sorry about that.

Why did Ford decide that they would disengage from Japan market ? Their spokesman told the reasons:

“Japan is the most closed, developed auto economy in the world, with all imported brands accounting for less than 6% of Japan’s annual new car market.”

[It's Ford's Fault That It Couldn't Compete In Japan]

Is that right? The figure “6%” must be calculated including the number of Japan unique super mini-cars to the denominator. Generally, when the ratio is calculated, the number of those domestic cars is excluded. The ratio of imported brand is about 10% without the number of super mini-cars.

The ratio of imported brands in Europe is 4% and the ratio in China is 5%. The ratio of imported brands 10% for a country which has so matured and strong global automobile companies, it's too high, isn’t it?

80% of imported brands which are bought in Japan is European automobile brands and they are growing.

In 1970’s, the ratio of American brands, Ford, GM, Chrysler was over 20% in Japan. The current ratio of American brands is less than 2%.

Ford had not exhibited their cars at Tokyo Motor Show since 2009. I had never seen any advertisements nor television commercials about Ford in Japan.

Who spoiled the potential of Ford brand in Japan market ?